Saturday, November 8, 2008

Your Body is a...Dilapidated Shack.

This morning I was flipping through channels and polishing off the rest of the Costco-sized bag of Pirate's Booty, after finishing the chocolate covered raisins, after spending last night stuffing my face with the same, plus Indian food (and not the good for you kind, the fried and made with tons of heavy cream kind...if the dish is called "Butter Chicken", it's for a reason). I was happily crunching away, despite the emergency level tightness of my jeans last night and the fact that I was literally afraid to get on the scale this morning. So afraid, in fact, I didn't. Anyway, as I was channel surfing, artificial cheese dust covering my pants, I came across a kid's program titled, I shit you not, "Jessica The Hippopotamus".

Coincidence? I think not. So it is with renewed drive (since, what, last week?) that I am pledging to take better care of myself. I should be taking my vitamins daily, not just when the mood strikes. The gym is not an "if there's time" activity, and going to said gym does not entitle me to stop at Taco Bell on the way home. Flossing, too, is not something only overachievers do daily, so it shouldn't surprise me when no one is handing me a lollipop or special prize when I manage to do it twice a week. It is not difficult for me to work out, floss, take a damn Women's One A Day, or not eat like a hog, I just choose to be lazy. This must stop.

*I'd post a "before" picture on here to keep me accountable, but I already post about my man failures here, so I figure the humiliation and ridiculousness has to stop somewhere!

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