Saturday, January 17, 2009

Educational Musings....

Lately I've been struggling, a lot, with what exactly I'm going to do with myself. I don't mean today. Today I did absolutely nothing. Except eat. I mean that whole "rest of my life" business. The travel bug has bitten me, hard. I want to see the rest of Europe, parts of South America, some more Asia. I kinda wanna go see that adorable Australian I met in Thailand...anyway, point is, I want/need a job that will give me enough vacation time to see these places, and do it right. I don't want 5 days in Italy, I want 5 weeks.

The first option that comes to mind here is, why not teach? I'm not ruling out this option. In fact, I'm taking the necessary exams to apply for a Master's in Teaching program next month. There is one issue here. One big issue: $$$$$$.

Yes, my friends, I am a money-hungry scumbag, and it cannot be helped. I think teaching is among the most noble professions in the world. I think they should be paid triple the amount they make now. Trust me, they earn it. But the fact is, they aren't paid much, and if I'm to spend time skipping about the globe, I'm going to want to be able to AFFORD said gallavanting. But I love kids, they make me smile. Young people in general. So now, I'm kind of liking the idea of becoming a school counselor. They don't make bank or anything, but they make enough. And to be honest, psych was one of my "trial" majors in college, one that I gave up on way too easily because my lifestyle at the time didn't permit me to take it seriously.

Pursuing this career would take the following: Either completing a second Bachelor's degree in psych, which would include, of all the horrors, MATH. OR, attempting to apply to a graduate program with my existing credentials, which are sparse at best. And let's not forget that I'm living with my parents who are not at all concealing the fact that they want me to get a job and move out, with a quickness.

All of this is rather confusing, yes, but I do like the idea that if I wanted to just start all over (and I do, kinda) I CAN. Not bad.

Oh, and speaking of problems common among my age group, I feel it prudent to mention that I am now a member of 20 Something Bloggers, yay! Thought you all should know. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend...

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