Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13?!?

Ahh, been awhile. And when, by the way, did we get to MID-JANUARY?

Well, to start, I LOVE LOVE LOVE not working restaurants anymore. I dearly miss my coworkers. Like, a LOT. All but one anyway. Oh, regarding that one and his girlfriend-I'm telling. She and I had an interesting conversation the other night, and somehow we got on the topic of men and cheating. Ironic, yes. She said how much she trusts him (gag) and how if he were ever to cheat, she would want to know. Is that not my cue? She will hate me, but it's fair that she know. He will hate me, but I don't give a shit. And as Nichole pointed out yesterday, what can he do to me? Get me fired? Nope. Tell my boyfriend? Oh, wait...don't have one! Not be my "friend" anymore and no longer allow me to come over and be used while he cheats on someone else? Damn. I'll sure miss all that. I am getting on with my life, but decided I want to do it with a clean conscience.

I also miss my preschool loves, but I made a good clean break at the right time of year, and the director there could not have been more understanding. She even left a door open for me in the future, should I need a job. Meanwhile, I am falling more in love with miss Ella every day. I am so glad that Nichole gave me this opportunity to spend time with her and be a part of her life. If I could just stop eating the candy...

Had a lovely weekend with Kelly. I so needed to get away from this town for awhile. Get out of myself, my own problems. Kel's friends are amazing, and it makes me happy to know that she is taken care of by people who see her for the wonderful person she is and will take care of her when I can't. Love you spazzy!

Finally, in terms of other men, I have decided to impose the following rule for awhile: If you can't be bothered to call/text/fucking facebook me without provocation, I can't either. In other words, shit or get off the pot, douche bag.

My, that was crass. I'm sorry. Anyway, I've been stuffing my face with reckless abandon all week. Better go work out.

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jon and nichole said...

:) eat the candy...or else i will....or better yet, lets just do it together...love you!