Monday, March 9, 2009

Dear Treadmill.

Dear Treadmill,

I know I've been gone awhile. I know I've spent too much time on the elliptical, and even more time on the couch. I know I've stuffed my face with pizza, nachos, and all manner of fast food at all hours of the day and night (but, I'm sorry, I do not regret the 2am McDonald's run and never will.) But I CAME BACK. I, your prodigal user, have returned. Why must you make it so difficult? Why can't you welcome me back with open arms and let me run for 45 minutes without vomiting, crying, or dying? I'll see you tomorrow. We can work this out.


Ok seriously though...three weeks ago, I was like, "Yeah, friends, I would love to do the St. Patty's day dash with you!" Today when Jen reminded me she was going, I said, "Cool, have fun!!" Very little frustrates me more about myself than my own ability to work SO HARD at something and then just let it slip. I am learning to eliminate this behavior in other areas of my life, but clearly not in the arena of physical fitness. A year ago, I couldn't run a mile without enough heat radiating off of my face to melt polar ice caps (fact: there is no global warming, it's just me, sweating profusely and glowing red). But I practiced. I ran, and then I ran a little more. Every day, I kept going. And it stopped being so hard. Makes sense, yes?

And then I just blew it. I went out of town for three weeks, and didn't so much as jog. I came home, ate my way through the holidays, and just got lazy. And though life is pretty darn good right now, it is ALWAYS better when I can honestly look at pictures and in the mirror and like what I see. And yes, I can still use the elliptical, but I've always been able to do that, though it used to be easier, it seems...but I think I need to start running again. There's a sense of accomplishment it held that I'm missing now. Yep.

OH, AND, this just in: Spring is apparently never coming to Western Washington. This is too bad, as I greatly prefer it to winter, but I'll survive.


♥ Kathy said...

LOL you're too cute. It'll get better...just don't quit again ;)

jon and nichole said...

i feel ya on the exercising thing -- i havent touched the elliptical the garage....for 6 months and it was one of those "must have purchases" - i really need to get back in to the swing of things...i just need:
1. more time
2. more energy
3. a friend to do it with, and ella doesnt count lol

Healthy Hunter said...

I just came across your blog...I can totally relate to this post :) Yes, the elliptical is the "comfort food" of workouts, but you can mix it up with intervals. I recently got back on track , and I'm finally feeling up to speed again.