Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, Cavy occasionally participates in TMI Thursday. I think it's brilliant, because I am all about the TMI. But since it isn't Thursday and I can't keep quiet about this as it just happened, I'll (mercifully) mention a mild one tonight.

I was just laying in bed, by myself..because that is how I WANT IT RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT! Really! Suddenly, I apparently had some sort of muscle spasm in my gluts. But, it felt like someone was literally tapping on my ass cheek! I freaked out. I actually gasped and thrashed around in the covers for a second before remembering that no, there is no man in my bed who would be so bold as to tap on my ass.

Then (enter neuroses) I faced the question of, where did this muscle spasm come from? Why is this happening? Is this a symptom of swine flu? The smart money is on the unusual (read: legitimate) amount of exercise I've been getting lately...I blame the Stairmaster, specifically. Either way, the whole thing was very unsettling. Truly.

So, naturally, I figured the right thing to do would be to get out of bed and write about it. It's now 12:42am, and my muscles, ass and otherwise, have been calm for about ten minutes. I guess that means all is well and I can go back to bed.

Thank you for your attention. Sweet dreams, all, and may your ass cheeks not be tapped unless you want them to be. Goodnight.


cavy said...

oh TMI, how it never fails to make us
a) laugh
b) wince

i just did all of the above :)

Jess said...

Hahahahaha, love it.

Seriously with the ass-tapping muscle spasm though...WTF IS THAT?