Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back from that soul vacation...

For those who didn't know, I went on vacation.

Now I'm back.

And not very happy about it.

Anyway...Detailed vacation posts to come. I wish I would have taken a notebook along, or maybe, you know, a LAPTOP, to at least take rough notes for said posts. I always forget how easily all of those eloquent thoughts and life-affirming moments I had while away disappear the moment I return to the everyday.

Speaking of, after a CHARMING three-hour delay in the Phoenix airport, during which I completed "Are You There Vodka? It's me, Chelsea" and laughed like an idiot throughout, my plane finally pulled into the same gate I departed from. It felt like a good million or so years since I'd left, since between Palm Springs with friends and Arizona with family, I'd effectively taken two different trips.

Some hit the ground running when they return from a trip...I returned from my trip, and hit the ground, well, eating. My mom, bless her, knowing I would be able to eat cheese again, stuffed my Easter basket with chocolate and Easy Mac. I also found a package of chicken wings in the refrigerator...quite possibly the last thing I'd expect my mother to buy, maybe ever. But there they were. I had every intention of starting my "Back from vacation" diet today, immediately beginning to repair the damage done during the family portion of the trip. Somehow, I don't think Googling "Calories in chicken wings" with chocolatey fingers and cheese dust on my white shirt accomplished this.

Oh well. All things considered, I am happy to be back. The most recent ex, we'll call him B, turned out to be about 100 times worse than I ever expected him to be. I am so grateful to God for protecting me from the worst of him. Emotionally, I checked out of that relationship long before the final blows were dealt. By the time the truth came out, I was pretty much over it. But still, you feel stupid when someone's true colors, especially the ugly ones, are revealed and you KNOW you knew better. I had known all along something just wasn't right. So maybe if I had to learn one thing from him, it was to, without exception, ALWAYS trust my instincts. Women's intuition is no joke, and if it doesn't feel right, ladies, chances are it's because it isn't. Thankfully this time around I barely had one foot in the fire, let alone my whole heart. Still, I needed some time away from that guy, and the situation. The timing was perfect.

And back to life...

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♥ Kathy said...

I can't wait to hear all the details! And I agree, you should listen to that little nagging voice in the back of your head. She's usually right!