Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm back!

After the last blog failed to take off (I say this as though I have thousands of followers here...the truth has not escaped me) I decided to humbly return here.

Reason being, really...I'm still me. Yes, I am a Christian woman and am living my life as such, but underneath it all, I'm still me.

I still get all emo and put song lyrics up on Facebook. I still drink too much on occassion, and still swear like a trucker more often than I care to admit. I still think Stepbrothers is effing hilarious, and still complain ALL the time about how I'm too busy/fat/poor/what have you. I do the above whilst eating pizza, watching Modern Family on DVD, and buying shoes, of course....Like I said, same girl.

I'm still so gloriously imperfect that it suddenly seemed silly to start a new blog...did I leave some parts of my "old life" behind? Yes. Yes, thank you Lord, yes. But it happened, every single moment of it. If I just glossed over it elsewhere I would be doing the girl that lived through it all a disservice. All the highs (literally) and lows. Every sobfest, every broken heart and rejection--she still survived it. It doesn't seem fair to end her journey here and start over somewhere else like it was all a bad dream (if only, no?). She deserves to start over too.

Even when you turn a page, you're still reading the same damn book. Mine's just gotten a little more interesting and considerably less depressing.


bella beautiful said...

amen sister! as much as i would love to erase all the "bad" things i did and that have happened they have truly made me the woman I am today... and i wouldnt want to be anyone else! so be it... we are who we are the bad, the ugly and the great! and im really starting to like the great! luv u! xoxo

Hope said... seem to have a cool blog here! I don't know you, but just came across your blog and I like this post. So keep going, girl! i think all us 20somethings have a great deal in common. so i'm here to encourage you. :) change is good and God loves us through it all.

Jess said...

Thanks Hope!

I love the encouragement, and will do the best I can to give it out whenever possible...And YES, God is good =)

♥ Kathy said...

aw, yay! Nice to see you "home" again :)