Monday, February 4, 2013


I do apologize for yet another long hiatus in blogland.

But you see, I've been planning a wedding.


Yep, that guy I've mentioned a time or two decided I should be his wife. He proposed on my birthday, and it shocked the crap out of me. Best. Surprise. Ever.

Because most of his family is pregnant, it seems, we're throwing this shindig together in a bit of a hurry. Proposal date: December 1, 2012. Wedding Date: March 16, 2013.


It's been a little insane, but it's coming together. The best part has to be that with every passing day, I receive more and more confirmation that I am marrying my best friend. In a mere 40 days.

I can't freaking wait.


Alex said...
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Alex said...

Beautiful photo Jess! You should post more (on FB), I'd love to seem them!

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