Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long as I can see the light...


Let's see, Wednesday. Happy Hump Day! Ok, hardly. Work at the preschool was challenging today. One of our kids screamed from the moment his mother left to, more or less, the moment she picked him up. There were brief periods of rest, but he would always come back with renewed vigor. The first tantrum of this degree--stomping of the feet, throwing of self on the floor, etc, I've seen in awhile. That wasn't my own, of course. But the rest of the kids were adorable, as usual. It's tricky, knowing I'm not going to be able to finsh out the year with them, trying not to get too attached to any of them. Actually, it's impossible. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like there's something about kids, especially that age. They just get to you, in the most incredible ways. It never takes long before the thought of not having them in your life seems unfathomable. Hrmm. Let's talk about something else.

Had dinner at work tonight...a certain "friend" stopped by our table, introducing himself to my MOTHER. Luckily, she was not yet smashed and didn't say anything completely inappropriate. Although at this point, I probably wouldn't have cared. He's not the only male who irritated me tonight, turns out. The latest disappointment is in rare form as well. Ah well. Hopefully he'll be the last. Disappointment, that is.

Speaking of, Lindsay and I went to an event at church. One of the speakers was phenomenal. She was hilarious, yet 90% of what she said had that, "Yes, Jessica, I'm speaking to you" vibe. I could quote the woman all day, but one thing she said that stuck out was that women tend to take compliments as REVELATIONS, rather than AFFIRMATIONS. For me, this has tended to be true. When a guy says, "You're beautiful", my honest response tends to be (cue starry eyes and disabled brain) " I am? Really?" My reaction should be more along the lines of, "Yes, I am. Thank you." Something to think about.

Speaking of self-confidence and the like, I have decided that at the age of 23, when my metabolism is still fairly quick and my body is at its most capable, there is really no reason for me not to take better care of it. I don't need a six-pack. Nor do I even want one, really. BUT, I might as well be in good shape while its relatively easy to do so. I just need to get a grip and stop eating so much crap. Easier said that done, but I think if I remind myself how much better I feel when I'm not akin to a beached whale, sitting on my couch with a gallon of soda and empty fast food containers strewn about. Not that that's happened recently or anything. Especially not last sunday. And yes, I did make a blog category for "fitness". No shame, I know.

On a lighter note, and to coincide with my subject line up there, I got to talk to Jaimee Rose not once but TWICE today. And things are already looking up a bit. Love you dude, feel better!

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Lindsay said...

a) loved that lady...

Cop: "Do you sell drugs?"
BF: "I might..."

b) females with six packs look kinda creepy to me anyways