Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Heart Saturday.

I'm pretty sure telling my boss I wasn't going to work Saturdays anymore was a brilliant decision. Even when I have all day off on say, a Tuesday, it doesn't replace the feeling of Saturday. I worked Saturdays almost all summer, and even though I would have most of the daytime hours off, I would still have that nagging voice in the back of my head saying, "You have to WORK later, sucka!" Not so today. I woke up before my alarm (which, granted, was set for 9am, but whatever) and realized that today is SATURDAY, and I'm doing nothing today that I don't want to do. Fantastic.

Assuming I figure out where it is, I'm going to Nichole's baby shower, part deux, where I'll get to see both of my loves--New mommy Nichole, whom I hear is an awesome mom, although I never I had any doubts that she would be. And of course, little baby Ella! I had a busier week than planned and didn't get to see them. I am slacking on auntie duty, for sure. I'll do better, I swear. And later, I'm going out with some semi-new friends. Should be amusing.

Also, new computer is arriving on Monday. Eeee!! So all of my pictures from today, Ella's Debut, and Mexico will be up soon. So looking forward to being able to load photos and not have it take an entire evening!

Side note: I have been itching to write a political post, because some candidates (and their supporters, especially) are really starting to irritate me. I'm going to refrain from this for a couple of reasons- One, I really, really, really just don't like politics. I think one's political beliefs are a private matter, and it bothers me that some people bombard the rest of us via myspace, facebook, etc with their own views assuming they're not alienating anyone. It also reallllllllly bugs me when people fail to even consider another's point of view. It's fine to have your own opinion, I believe everyone should-it is not okay to blindly hold that opinion without educating yourself on the other side of the argument. It's one thing to say "I see where you're coming from, BUT..." It's quite another to simply say, "You're ignorant, you're stupid, I'm right, you're wrong" as so many people seem to do. I have an idea of the political orientations of some of my readers, but being that this is a public blog, I really don't want to offend anyone. Nor do I want the backlash of those who may disagree with me.

Ok, I guess that was a mini-political post. I guess being a recent college graduate, this close to actually supporting myself (gasp) I'm more invested in this election than the last. But that's enough of that, especially on Saturday.

Alright, off to try out my new running shoes. I need to break them in, maybe even get them a little dirty. I always feel so lame at the gym when it is so blatantly obvious that my shoes are brand new. Like an amateur or something. Thanks to all for your patience with my wordy posts, completely lacking in photos! Only a few more days!

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