Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pictures: Cabo

This one is on our first night out as a big group...We're still relatively sober at this point. The bar we were at, Cabo Wabo, is owned by Sammy Hagar, and features nightly cover bands and a dance floor. I was in heaven.

Annnnd....Annie and I, a little later in the evening. Here's Tiff and I before our second group venture to town.
I loved this guy....he saw I was taking pictures of the mariachi band and immediately began posing.
This is our room...the beds came pushed together like this, and we realized quickly that they would better accomodate four people this way. As long as you avoided "the crease".

There are many more pictures, but not all are blog-appropriate. Some of these can be seen on my myspace.

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