Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gonna smile 'cause I deserve to...

I went out with a guy tonight, and...

-He was on time
-He didn't bring a friend or two
-He was genuinely curius about me and my life
-We talked for two and a half hours
-He opened doors
-He walked me to my car
-He didn't try anything once there

Granted, that last one could mean he just isn't interested, OR maybe they really aren't all that horrible. Some, I've come to find out, are. Some men are really and truly bipolar emotional fuckwits, to quote the one and only (not to mention fictional) Bridget Jones.

I don't know if this guy is interested...or if I am, for that matter, I kind of have other thoughts/people occupying my mind. BUT it is so nice to walk away from a guy, get in the car and not feel like I've just settled. Or like I gave too much or too little. It is so damn refreshing to know that I am capable of such an interaction. Now, to repeat it...

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