Monday, November 10, 2008

Win some, lose some?

Let's recap....Today I:

-Had sensible breakfast (good)
-Went to church (good)
-Went to Red Robin for delicious yet caloric lunch (bad)
-Went to Membership Class at church (good)
-Ate cookies and brownies at Membership Class at Church (bad)
-Saw some friends and played with Baby Wyatt (excellent)
-Ate pasta with cream sauce and drank red wine (Bad, but let's face it...soo good)
-Came home and mysteriously killed my brand new computer. As in, not even my smart and talented stepfather could not revive it (VERY VERY VERY BAD)
- Ran my 3.1 miles and speed walked another 1.5 or so. I felt the burn. (Good)
-Did not floss, but in my defense am out of floss--Brushed extra well and mouthwashed for the full thirty seconds. Felt the burn again. (Good)

Not a bad day's progress, although I do feel bad for snapping at Greg earlier. Sorry Greg.

Some things I thought about today and last night that I miss...

-I miss seeing my friend Liz all the freakin' time. This hasn't happened since high school and I am so glad that when we finally started hanging out again recently she turned out to be one of those people you go without seeing for years and it's like they were never gone when you finally see them again. This does not give us license to do it again though. We're getting better at it.

-I miss my grandpa. But I think I'll save that one for another post soon.

- I miss the crazy out of my mind excitement I used to have for my birthday right about now. Speaking of, 3 weeks from today, all! Ok, I guess I get a little excited, but not like I used to. I guess that's ok though...less room for disappointment and the inevitable "OMG a whole 'nother year until my birthday comes again" feeling. Truthfully, the older I get, the more grateful I am for that. The years are going fast enough as it is.

-I really f-ing miss Jaimee. I was looking through some of our greatest hits (read: disgraceful photos) tonight, and I really do just miss the crap out of her. All of the epic times, of course, but most of all the texts and random adventures and entire days spent hungover in sweats watching 'Gone With The Wind' in its entirety while eating pizza because that's the only food we could get without leaving the house. It is odd the things that make up a friendship...You don't pay any attention to them or even notice they exist until you don't have them readily available. Not to worry though, only three weeks until Jaimee and Jessica do Asia. Holler.

Oh, and good news! The eye has stopped twitching. It took a half of an anxiety pill my mother practically shoved down my throat, in addition to three consecutive nights of 9 hours of sleep. And now it's 1:20 am and I am waking up in less than 6 hours. Stay tuned to see if twitch comes back for an encore!

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