Sunday, November 2, 2008

I want my t-shirt!

Well, I worked out today AND didn't eat a bunch of crap. Scooore. Now all I have to do is do this repeatedly, as in, more than like 4 consecutive days and perhaps some results will be visible. I've been meaning to look into running a 5K, and then maybe working my way up to a 10K. I can, if the mood is right, bust out 3.1 miles on ye olde treadmill. I find this especially doable at the gym, as I tend to run better and longer when people are watching. Vanity can be such a catalyst sometimes. Okay, all the time.

I'm proud of myself in that I've reached a point where 3.1 miles doesn't seem scary. In fact, it's somewhere between "easy enough" and routine. But as I've realized, there is a huge huge huge different between the treadmill and running on regular sidewalks/terrain. The cement is harder, the ground is uneven, the air is colder, the incline is all over the place. I find myself exhausted way sooner than I would be at the gym. Plus I seemed to have lost my armband for my iPod AND my pedometer, both of which I would need without my trusty treadmill. Going to have to procure these things, I think, because the "I ran a 5K" thing doesn't sound nearly as good when you ran it in your gym while watching reruns of "Las Vegas" on TNT. And you don't get the free t-shirt.

I'm going to have to work on this.

In other news, I'm feeling a little better. Some much needed home/family/gym/church/mall time has calmed me down a bit. Under my right eye, there is a muscle that has been visibly twitching--or more like fluttering?--for four days now. It looks like a heartbeat under my eye, and is creepy and horrible, and according to the doctor, caused by stress.

Her recommendation: Be less stressed!

Thanks, I'll work on that. Step one...I left my phone in my car earlier tonight by accident. And didn't go get it. No sense compulsively checking the damn thing for the messages I know won't come, right? For those of you who might actually be attempting to contact me...Whoops. I'll get back to you tomorrow, I suppose...

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