Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh my Dosh.

I have fallen completely and totally and ridiculously in love with my two-year-olds. There is not one of them that does not bring me absolute joy. There is not one I am not thrilled to see come through the door.

Tell me again...why does this job not pay twice as much?

One of our little guys has a very admirable way of trying really hard to pronounce every word/phrase he hears adults say. Some examples:

"Ellacopter" = Helicopter

"Mamblance" = Ambulance

"Dat be Awesome?/Dat be funny?" = "Would that be awesome? Would that be funny?"

And my latest favorite..." Oh my dosh"

He only drops this particular gem when something frustrating and/or unexpected happens. For example, when he spilled his applesauce today, he said, with the most exasperated-sounding sigh, "Oh my dosh!" I wish I could record it, I really do, because every time I hear it, without fail, it CRACKS ME UP. I feel bad for the poor kid because I just freaking lose it every time. I have to compose myself just to help him with whatever it is that caused the outburst to begin with. He always gives me this confused look, and I just have to smile and tell him he makes me smile.

Which is true, of course. I happened to have my camera on me the other day, so either later tonight or tomorrow I'm going to post more pictures of my little loves.

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