Thursday, November 20, 2008

Romy's Goodbye Party/Shitshow...

A little perspective on this photo should help...we were on the floor, having a "pow wow" when this was taken.

Romy and Jeremy, who also left us for the Southwest...

Continued floor least I look happy?

And oh yes, another really great shot of the CARPETED FLOOR OF A BAR! Gross. I definitely just got that top dry-cleaned.

I can't remember what song they were dancing to, but it was sad. I probably cried, but honestly do not remember.

.....And this, in short, is why I love this girl.

....So, last week I met up with my friend Romy for her sendoff get-together. She moved to New Mexico for the winter, and I miss her already. She's one of my new friends (post-Cabo) but she's been absolutely amazing. Sometimes I wonder what I did before certain people in my life came along. The night ended with my keys being confiscated and her deciding, despite protest, to walk home in the pouring rain.
Sounds about right.

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