Thursday, March 12, 2009


First order of business: I do believe that the Full House theme song was the wrong choice for my phone alarm clock tone. Every three minutes or I reprise it, in my head or out loud.

And two: Does anyone know how to change my comment settings so that I can reply to your comments and it notifies you? Or does it do that already? I should really know how to do that. Until I figure it out, here are some responses to comments that I feel are necessary.

Nichole: You are amazing.

Thomas: Britney, April 9th!

Kathy: Hahahahaha!!! No, yesterday's post was not a reference to any new dates. Have not found the need for those as of late =)


♥ Kathy said...

LOL Sorry, I couldn't resist ;) I have my comments set up to notify me by email (from my blog) and then if I want to reply to a specific comment I just reply. I'm assuming they get them because I've had people tell me things before that I said to them in a reply. Plus there's a box down there...saying who I'm posting as and there's another box that says Email follow-up comments to..and then my email addy soooo I've always had that checked. Idk what it does except maaybe show me the replies? I'm wingin it here :D I just kind of figure it out as I go LOL

jon and nichole said...

umm, no. youre amazing. end of story.