Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One more, then I swear I'm done.

I just read on Facebook that this guy I went on like 2.3 dates with in January is now engaged. ENGAGED. What am I, Good Luck Chuck? That said, what a nice thought, that if some chick who can't seem to distinguish between your and you're can hook an intelligent, good-looking man, surely I can do the same.

Yes, I stalked her ass on facebook. So would you.

Anyway. Am feeling horribly unprepared for the upcoming weekend o' weddings. I was supposed to have lost 20 pounds, purchased a thoughtful and meaningful gift for my first roommate who chose me as one of her only three bridesmaids, waxed, done my nails, gotten a fabulous and naturally-obtained tan, and landed a date by now. In reality, the closest I have come to accomplishing any of that is frying the crap out of my cleavage in a cancer bed today, and made a waxing appointment for tomorrow. Well, at least my priorities are in order.


Healthy Hunter said...
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Healthy Hunter said...

hilarious post :) I can relate!

The LePiane's said...

You are too cute...and too witty. I love reading your posts. I could have written this one, probably not as cleverly, but I've been there, Sister. Solidarity!

bHealthier said...

yes, i would totally do the same! and I found your blog through healthy hunter... :)