Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Into the dark.

A friend of mine is a nurse, and posted an absolutely beautiful blog on one of her patients the other day. A woman in her 60's who suffered a brain injury, rendering her, essentially, unable to perform most basic functions. She is not who she once was, but merely a shell, a body. Yet her husband hasn't left the hospital, has hardly left her side.

I find it hard enough to believe that someday, someone will love me enough that when my hair goes gray (or I go from foiling to frosting, cap and all, anyway) and the wrinkles set in and it's clear the boobs are down there to stay, he still wants to be around. But it is my assumption that someone will, because my personality will be just that kickass.

But what if that's gone, too? What an amazing, precious thing--when all that you once were, both in body in spirit, is not what it WAS, someone loves you enough to let the memories of you be enough? To go on loving you that way as though you'd never gone. Made me think of that damn "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" song...gets me every time. I think that's all I ever want to have. I don't want to settle for anything less than someone who will walk with me through this life, and when it's time for me--whether it be my mind or my body--to go, follow me.

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