Saturday, October 31, 2009

Movie Rant.

So, I decided to OnDemand "He's Just Not That Into You" tonight. Because it's Friday of Halloweekend. And because instead of making plans, I took the kids I nanny trick or treating at Microsoft, which means I also took myself trick or treating. But, unlike them, I am a grown woman, so no one is standing over my shoulder telling me to stop at 2 pieces because MY ASS IS GETTING FATTER BY THE MINUTE. And because after a huge dinner I polished off the cheesecake in the fridge.

Why wouldn't that encourage me to watch a chick flick about men who suck and aren't interested? I also enjoyed the rest of the prosciutto I found in the fridge before the opening credits finished rolling. I am already retaining about 6 gallons of water as a result. FYI.

Anyway, regarding the movie: It's cute. Yep, happy ending, blah blah blah...but IT IS SUCH CRAP. I read the book...okay, begrudgingly, I read the book. I struggled through it because every five minutes I would say to the page "Hey! Screw you buddy! Maybe he really DID move to Morocco! You don't even know!" In other words, as sad as it makes me to admit this, I do believe the book makes some valid points.

Which would be glorious if the movie actually stuck to them. Why waste two hours telling women that we are the RULE not the exception if, as it turns out, every character in the movie gets to be the exception. They get the white horse and happy ending and essentially defy reality.

Oddly enough, as frustrating as I found it, I can truly say I still agree with the final line of the movie: You never gave up hope.

Was that the point of this cinematic charade then? To let us know that we should keep hoping against reality and past experience because there is something better out there?

Okay, fine. I'll buy that. And I joined eHarmony. There, I said it. Please don't judge me. Too much.

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