Saturday, October 3, 2009

Regarding The Rules of the Road.

Alright, I have a bone to pick.

I live in Greater Seattle, so traffic is a given in my everyday activities. I know this, I understand this, and for the most part, I accept this. I realize that even on a Saturday (much like today, for example)I am going to run into traffic.

But friends, it is not the traffic that aggravates me so. Traffic is the result of too many cars traveling on a road or highway that simply cannot comfortably accomodate them. Traffic, while not inevitable, is common. I can't really get upset when I'm on the way to the mall, excited to blow the money I've earned at my much-hated job, and I find that everyone else has the same idea. No, traffic is not the problem.

The problem, you see, is THE DRIVERS. Seattle drivers are among the most clueless people in the whole wide world. If they were just stupid, though, it would be okay. But in addition to being just plain dim, they are completely inconsiderate. The latest epidemic of bad behavior has to do with "The Wave". You know the one. When someone lets you into their lane (generally because you weren't paying attention to where you were going until it became absolutely imperative that you change lines RIGHT's cool, we all do it) and you give them the little wave as if to say "Thanks"? All of you nodding your heads right now either do not live anywhere near me, or are very special people, because NO ONE seems to do the wave anymore. No one! Does everyone now just assume they are entitled to the courtesy of others, to the extent that they don't need to return that courtesy with some gesture of gratitude?

The result of this lack of appreciation, for me, breaks down like this: The more people don't give me the wave, the less inclined I am to let anyone in, ever. What's worse, more than once now, I myself have neglected to give the wave. It makes me sad, truly. It makes me a bit vindictive, as, I let a woman in a pickup truck into my lane. No wave. About half a mile later, she puts on her turn signal again (yes, she gets some credit for that) hoping that I'll be nice again. Not so much. Instead, I accelerated and blew right by her. She looked pissed, but I do hope she learned a lesson. No wave, no more Ms. Nice Girl.

I know I sound a bit (okay, completely) nuts ranting about this, but it IS frustrating. And driving around here is a big enough pain in the ass without everyone being, well, assholes. So please, give the wave, and use multiple fingers.

That is all.