Friday, January 29, 2010

Lotion, and other magical things.

This week, I've been making it part of my morning routine to put lotion on, all over my body. I know, that's a lot of lotion. I'd avoided in the past because it takes too long. You know, like a full minute.

But allll week, I've been all, "Wow, my skin feels AWESOME today!" All by making a small bit of an extra effort. It was WORTH IT.

And got me thinking, health and body wise, how many other small efforts are worth it to improve one's overall self-esteem and well-being. Things like tanning (yes, I know it causes cancer and is bad bad bad, but I only bought one package and am alternating with self tanner so I don't need to go as much...that's my story and I'm sticking to it)and flossing. Things like saying "gosh this pasta/pizza/sandwich is delicious...I'm full now, so I can stop eating it. Or maybe ordering a damn salad or some fish instead. And, rather than sitting on facebook for hours at a time, I should go to the gym. Or even do a little homework.

None of these things are THAT difficult. It is not hard to floss, Jessica. It is not impossible to put on lotion or wear a legitimate outfit rather than gym clothes all day long. I've been skinny before, and I (vaguely, it's been awhile) remember how good it felt. I need to start remembering that vs. how awful I felt at my very biggest (a number I'm not far from now, gulp) when I reach for another helping. The small sacrifices and extra effort is SO worth it.

I should note I'm typing this in my gym clothes, but did indeed floss today. AND did laundry, and have gloriously moisturized skin. Not a bad start.

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