Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At the end of the day.

The last couple of days have been....interesting. Tumultuous, if you will.

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the morning in bed, trying to keep my body as absolutely still as possible, to avoid puking or explosion of the head. Yes, both were very real concerns. Thankfully, neither ended up occurring, which is good, because I hate puking. I hate puking to the extent that I would almost call it an actual phobia. I would rather be miserably for 12 hours than throw up for 12 minutes. No joke.

I then made the 20 minute walk to retrieve my car. Thankfully, I was no longer feeling on the verge of death, and my recap of the evening with Jen on the phone helped pass the time.

I then sat in Starbucks for an hour reading Breaking Dawn. Team Edward, Team Jacob...I don't know. I'm more, Team Why The Hell Aren't There Real Men Like This?

Watched the kiddos, gave them dinner and a bath and put 'em to bed. It's funny how in 6 months of watching someone else's kids, they start to consider you part of their family. And it's pretty sweet when you start to feel the same. I love them. And I think I'm gonna be a pretty good mom.

Somewhere between the bath and bedtime stories, I (thought) I accomplished the Breakup. For about half an hour. And then over the span of one ridiculous two hour conversation, I was left as confused as ever.

All in a day's work...or lack thereof.

Today was equally up and down. Had a complete meltdown in the grocery store parking lot, bemoaning my lack of progress in life--4 years of college and no real job, and 3 more years of schooling before I'll reach my (current) goal. A surprisingly high score on my math placement test (round 2) eased my concerns a bit, but I'm still slightly panicked over the fact that I'm 24 years old and moving out of my parents' house still seems a lofty and faraway goal. I finally caved on re-friending the ex on Facebook, and thought for a moment while watching Idol that maybe I'll try to audition again this year and get famous so I won't have to worry about all of this school/career bullshit.

Yeah. That sounds like a plan.


Alvy Singer said...

"I would rather be miserably for 12 hours than throw up for 12 minutes. No joke"

hahaha we share the same taste for puke.

lovely blog, I laughed as hell.

Jess said...

Thank you! Puke is horrible...I'm going to have to get over it if I'm ever going to be a nurse, I suppose....

♥ Kathy said...

I would be your fan :) and ummmm 12 minutes??? I die after 12 seconds of puking!