Monday, March 1, 2010

Babies, Bars and Such....

Ummm...time to slow it down with ye olde partying.

Less than desirable life choices are sure to result when one goes out drinking not once, twice, but three times in the span of a week. That said, I had a LOT of fun this weekend. Got to see quite a few of my favorite people and resolved to clean up my act. You know, again.

I stayed home Friday night after bouncing back quickly from Thursday's late-night Karaoke escapades. Saturday morning, my very talented friend and photographer Avery enlisted my help as her assistant for a shoot featuring David and Isabella--Twins! These little miracles were born several weeks premature in November, and are now happy and healthy little ones! I absolutely loved hanging out with them and watching Avery in action...I never turn down an opportunity for some baby-holding! Awesome day, followed by an awesome night out with some of the best girlfriends a girl could ask for.

Annnd, speaking of babies, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Julia and Nate on the birth of their long-awaited bundle of joy. No, I don't know Julia, and am being all sorts of creepy by congratulating a stranger who likely is not even aware this blog exists, but I find the event exciting nonetheless.

Back to the weekend. Sunday was a phenomenal morning at church...The message this weeked addressed our church specifically. The general theme at Eastlake is "Church for the rest of us"...That's what drew me to this place the most when I had assumed I screwed up too much to even attempt organized religion again, and that's what keeps me there, wanting to be a part of that. Speaking of, that brings me to tomorrow--my long-awaited worship team audition. I first expressed interest in getting involved back in November, but my relationship misadventure was evidently too much of a distraction, so I think the postponement of the audition was for the best. I feel more focused now, and in a much better place to use my abilities in the best possibly way. I know it's not in my hands how my gifts and talents are used, but prayers and good thoughts for a successful audition would be awesome, nonetheless!

Annnd, since it's been far too long since I've done anything interesting enough to warrant the posting of photos, I will leave you with this, my favorite shot from Saturday's shoot:

Precious. I know. It's almost ridiculous.


Daniel and Jenny McDowell said...

I too, am quite excited for Julia and Nate. What creepy interest stalkers we are...though in my defense, I found Julia through LL, not really through stalking measures of my own. :) Hope the audition goes well today!


Daniel and Jenny McDowell said...

erg, INTERNET. as you can see my spelling has yet to improve... :)

♥ Kathy said...

OMG that picture is sooooo cute! Glad you've been having fun :) It's nice to "hear" you happy!

Jess said...

Thanks Kathy! The babiies were sooo much fun! And Jenny, LOL...I found Julia through LL I guess we have her stalking talents to thank ;)

Lindsay said...

I take pride in my stalking abilities, and clearly you guys (JR & JM) benefit from them too!

Jess said...

Bahaha, Lindsay...You know you are my stalker idol. We both usually seek the exact same information, and I rely on you to find it faster. I consider it a feat to out-scoop you when it comes to stalking.

That's a compliment, promise. Love you!

Daniel and Jenny McDowell said...

LL, you have a new blog! The big, new blog reveal happened! Quite excited. :)

And yes, thanks for being the master stalker. :)