Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A new song...

"Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him"

-Psalm 98:1

March is currently OWNING February, my friends. February really sucked, and January was only marginally better...So far, March is clearly the frontrunner for "the month that saved 2010."

Though my audition today was technically not even supposed to happen, it could NOT have gone better! I'll explain.

Eastlake now has two campuses. One in Bothell, WA, and the other about 20 minutes to the south in Bellevue. The Bellevue campus is off to an AMAZING start, as Lindsay can describe better than I. She has been super involved at the new campus, and though I miss seeing her on the north end, I know awesome stuff is happening there. Including the establishing of a live satellite feed that links the two campuses during morning services so our Pastor (who is awesome-smart, relevant, HILARIOUS, and between you and me, kind of attractive) can speak the same message to and from either location. There were some glitches in this system last Sunday, so the auditiorium was torn apart at the Bothell campus, rendering the scheduled first-round auditions impossible for today.

Buuuut, genius that I am, I didn't check my "other" e-mail this morning and didn't see the message alerting me to this. So when I showed up at 3:30, all nerves and anxiety and hopped up on diet coke, Leah (one of our fearless, TALENTED worship team leaders) decided to just let me sing...acapella. No music, no mic, just me in the 2's classroom, the only available space. You guys, I was SO nervous. Leah is one of my real world vocal idols, not to mention that I HATE singing in front of small groups of people. Nutty. But somehow, after much stalling on my end, I stopped talking and started singing. I had been praying all day long that my heart would be in the right place for this audition. That I would recognize this talent I have as GOD-given. That I would remember that worship, truly, is not about me.

And somehow, the minute I closed my eyes and started singing, it was just that easy. I could have been standing in the 3rd row on Sunday morning with my coffee in hand. There was a pause in the song where there would have been an instrumental break and Leah cut in and said -"FYI, I want you to keep singing, but I already have chills".

She didn't make me sing the other two songs. Said she'd heard more than enough and will be letting me know ASAP about the next round audition...This entails singing for and with the entire worship team, full band, full equipment, etc. Her enthusiasm was SO flattering and exciting--I have been waiting so long for this opportunity, and am so grateful that I will (hopefully) be able to do something with this talent besides Thursday night karaoke. Eastlake is growing every day, and if I'm able to help to reach people while at the same time doing what I love--what more could I ask for?


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bella beautiful said...

amazing luv! HE is truly amazing! And so are you (naturally!)

Jess said...

Thank you both!! I am so excited, just want to fast forward and hope it goes well!