Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weight-Loss Wednesday!

Yes, that's right, Wednesday is getting a theme around here.

Since I am in a perpetual state of trying to NOT be fat, I decided weight-loss was just as good (and alliterative) a theme as any. However, so far today, I have consumed the following:

-Some egg/sausage/tomato pastry thing served at the "Invest in Youth" breakfast fundraiser I attended this morning.

- Yogurt and Blueberries, also served at the aforementioned event. It was really good, so I'm guessing it was also full-fat.

- One overstuffed peanut butter and jelly sandwich

-Two English muffins (why? WHY?)

-Two bowls of Cheerios with about 30 spoonfuls of sugar.

- 4 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.

Oh yeah, it's barely noon. I'm blaming my mother for the muffins/Cheerios. They're in the house because she's on this pre-colonoscopy low fiber diet. TMI? Sorry. Clearly the real problem here is that I live with my parents. Given all this, I think it would best to start Weight Loss Wednesday next week. In the meantime, happy Hump Day, all.

1 comment:

♥ Kathy said...

I have good excuses for all your food :)

1. You couldn't be rude at the fundraiser. They went to a lot of trouble to provide food for you!

2. Peanut butter is high in protein which is good for you. Jelly is made out of fruit juice. Also good for you!

3. We'll pretend the English muffins were whole grain...good for you!

4. Cheerios lower your cholesterol...the sugar was an accident and you're allowed an accident every now and then!

5. Chocolate has been proven to be good for your heart ♥

See? It's all in how you look at it :D