Friday, March 5, 2010

Off the Wagon.

Yikes...a bit of a disaster today, you guys.

I think I'm sick, or getting sick, or something. Either way, whatever my mystery headache/sore throat ailment is, it seems to only stop me from exercising, not eating. My mom was a little under the weather today too, so it was a bit of a mental health day for me. My physical health has gone to crap of course, as I have shoveled, well, everything in my mouth that would some cookies.

Seems like the diet wagon is not the only one to leave me behind in a pile of potato chips today. Today, I'm lonely. I've been wondering for a good week now when the boy would finally realize I'm over his crap and just LEAVE ME THE EFF ALONE. Today, it seems, he did. It's exactly what I wanted, and yet I feel that loneliness creeping in, that irritating little voice that says to me, "Back here again, huh? You have NO ONE now."

Deep down, I know that isn't true. Deep down, I know I am never, ever alone.

But at 11:30pm on a particularly whiny and self-sabotaging Friday, it kinda feels that way.

I'll snap out of it tomorrow, promise. And I'm expecting a MEAN food hangover. Ick.


♥ Kathy said...

aww I hope you feel better!

bella beautiful said...

luv u girl! I feel the same way.. except its an alcohol hangover..

Jess said...

Thank you you too Miss Kara! Feeling a little better now, thankfully- a good workout and a day of detox can do wonders!