Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekly Goals:

Pinterest. Where I spend (too) much of my time:

Yes, Pinterest. You know, internet crack.

I have but 3 goals for this week:

1. Spend time reading something significant and edifying.

2. Less Cheese/Chocolate. Obviously it's something to do with the letters C and H. (Like the sugar brand! OMG, there is conspiracy afoot!)

3. Making it so that my fitness board and future wedding board on Pinterest do not have such a huge discrepancy in number of pins. Bet you can guess which has more.

In my defense, I'm pretty sure I WILL get married someday. And when I do, I'm gonna be really glad I went through all this trouble. Just sayin'...

In other words, the idea is to bring my focus toward things I can actually address, you know, NOW*

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