Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yes, you can.

I've always rejected being TOLD that I can't do something.

In fact, usually, being told I couldn't (or wouldn't) do something has generally led me to do that very thing. In the motivational way, not in the rebellious teenager sense. Other people's lack of faith in me really seems to light a fire under my ass.

I'm sorry. I really do prefer "ass" to "butt", or "rear end." It just seems more effective.

Anyway. It occurred to me recently that while other people's lack of confidence in me inspires me to change THEIR minds, MY lack of confidence in me inspires, well...a further depletion of confidence.

And then it occured to me that this is simply no way to go about the business of life. Waiting for someone to doubt you so that you can prove them wrong. Setting goals for the sake of pleasing/impressing/surprising/giving the middle finger to OTHER people. To change for someone else, or to set out to achieve for anyone's approval but yours and God's is similar to the result you see when you choose not to forgive those who've wronged you:


When you don't forgive someone, they don't mope around the house, wallowing in all the ways they could have done it better. But you do. And when you live your life and make your choices to impress/emulate other people, they don't agonize over mistakes and failures. But you do.

I'm learning I can live my life to LOVE other people, and SERVE other people. But other people should rarely play a role in the personal goals (career, fitness, etc) I set for myself. My confidence has to come from me, knowing that I'm not alone in any of these adventures.

"I can do all this through Him who gives me strength" -Philippians 4:13

So with that, I am running my first 5K this weekend. In the spirit of "my goals, no one else's" I am not aiming to finish with some record time. I'm aiming to finish, period, without stopping to walk. And to get the t-shirt. Goals of speed, longer distance, etc, can be explored at a later date.

Something else I've learned about personal goal setting: attainability is key.

So yay. I'm doing something for me, that not long ago I thought I couldn't do. Yes, I'm aware I haven't actually done it yet, but I'm choosing to be positive.

What can YOU start doing for you?

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