Friday, January 20, 2012

2012, so far....

...Has been, frustrating.

Frustrating in that of the 3 weeks of the year, I've been healthy for approximately 1 of them. I'm supposed to be running another 5K on February 11, and a 4 mile-ish dash on St. Patty's day. Total successful 3 mile plus runs, on a treadmill no less, so far this year? One.

A slight rewind...Traveled back to Michigan with my love for Christmas. Had a wonderful time, but pretty much every last person in the family (and not in the family, in my case) got sick. Like, real sick. And somewhere between not enough sleep and definitely not enough exercise, I managed to get sick again this week, in time for a snowstorm (By Seattle standards. Don't hate, east coast/midwest. We know we're pathetic wimps)So, two more sick days burned and still unable to retrieve my car from my boyfriend's house, where it's been for a week.

Frustrating. Goals, goals, goals to accomplish...things I want to happen, things I can't just WILL to happen, things I have no say in and things I can't control. All of these present in my life right now.

There are some things, perhaps many things, I DO have control over. But so many more I don't...Does anyone else have any trouble deciphering between the battles we can fight, and the ones that are simply not in our hands?



"The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still." -Exodus 14:14


Oh, right. How easily I forget. There isn't a battle, ever, I'm meant to fight alone. Not my job, my weight, my relationship, my health, the weather.

How much worry, stress, sadness, and fear could I avoid if I remembered that? That there is a plan and design bigger than mine?

Thank God. Breakfast tomorrow is beyond the scope of my planning capability right now, so I'm glad He has the rest taken care of.

Just be still.

Except, you know, when I finally get back to the gym.

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