Monday, April 6, 2009

The Daily Annoyance.

Some things I am disliking so far today...

Packing. Packing for a trip, long or short, can be fun. But the minutiae of this task is what gets me. I can pack everything I need to a certain point, but there is always SOMETHING that has to be done last-minute--makeup, toothbrush, deodorant, etc. Some things I do have two sets of just because it makes more sense, but not everything. So I can never go to sleep the night before a trip and just RELAX knowing that EVERYTHING is ready to go.

And then there's the physical act of actually packing things into a suitcase. They say to roll your clothes. Well what if I want to fold them? Why is rolling better? Are they SURE it takes up less space? Does anyone else think about these things as much as I do?

Today, as of right now, I have a pile of clothes (half rolled, half folded--I compromised) sitting on my bedroom floor. I went down to the garage to retrieve my smaller suitcase from its usual spot, only to find it isn't there. My mom's suitcases are all there. My stepdad's luggage seems to be present and accounted for. But WHERE is MINE? I called my mom, and she's all, "Ohh, we put yours in storage but you can use that one I just bought" and then I'm all "WHY would you do that?? And I don't want YOURS, it's too big and not cute, I want MINE!"

Suit yourself, she replied, and as soon as I finish this post and my hair, I am off to the storage unit. And for the record, yes, I was fully aware at the start that I would never get through this post not sounding like a petulant child.

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